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How to build trust & loyalty with your customers

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Building customer trust is a key component to any good marketing strategy. The more comfortable your target audience is with you, the more likely they are to pay for your goods and services. But creating meaningful interactions that really connect with people and lead to repeat, loyal customers... that can be a challenge.

Video marketing has quickly become the medium of choice for small businesses who are looking to build trust, but here’s the key -- online users prefer to watch and share content they feel to be genuine, informative, and truly interesting to them.

So, before you create your next video, consider these tips.

Tip 1: Use real people in your videos

There’s this fantastic article by Wistia called “Your Business’s Videos Should Include Faces. Here’s Why” and in it they talk about how our brains are hardwired to respond to faces. And that by having a person present marketing or tutorial videos consistently, over time your viewers start to feel like they know that person -- and it establishes this powerful personal connection and trust with your brand.

Tip 2: Empower Your Customers

I don’t know about you, but I feel a deep sense of gratitude when people are willing to take the time to show me how to do something new or provide me with valuable insight, without asking for anything in return. Like, they’re not trying to sell me anything.

So, by creating free, useful video content for your target audience you’re perceived as being a credible, authoritative brand and again, it builds that deeper trust where they want to pay for your expertise.

Tip 3: Be Vulnerable

One look at facebook and it's clear, people are not afraid to toot their own horn. What you don't see are their struggles, flaws, and screw ups; yet, it's what we all crave. Not because we enjoy seeing other people suffer, but because we can relate. Create videos that show the good AND the bad. Blooper reels, personal stories, a behind the scenes look of your studio...even if it's temporarily located in your parent's basement. If you can be real with your customers, you will have their respect and trust.

Tip 4: Show Some Appreciation

I’m a mom – meaning I have one of the hardest jobs AND I don’t get paid for it. So trust me when I say, a little appreciation from time to time, goes a long way. Customer appreciation videos, special birthday greetings, exclusive discounts or video content available only to your most valued customers -- whatever it is, go that extra mile and your customers will not only thank you with their loyalty, they will advocate your products and services to all of their family and friends...and word of mouth is a powerful thing!

I hope you found these tips useful. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have additional questions or if you'd like to schedule a time to discuss a video project for your business.

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