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5 Types Of Video That Can Help Grow Your Business

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

News Flash -- People love watching videos. In fact, research shows that 4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. But there are many different types of video to choose from, which one is the right one for your business?

Here are 5 types of videos that can help you grow your business:

#1 - Video Testimonials

Nothing is more compelling than hearing real customers speak candidly about your products and services. Now, I can’t emphasis enough the importance of authenticity here – people can spot a fake/staged testimonial from a mile away and it will actively drive customers away from your business, so look for customers who can speak genuinely about their experience with your company.

#2 - Demonstration Videos

Video speaks louder than just words or static images. Product demos show how your product works and they highlight the features that differentiate it from that of your competitors. This is an excellent way of engaging and persuading your prospects.

#3 - Promotional Videos

Thanks to the world wide web, your advertising dollars can go a long way. Whether your objective is to close sales, build a list, or win a whole bunch of new followers, fans, or likes -- Facebook and YouTube can yield some impressive results. The challenge here however, will be to create specialized content targeted to ever- shrinking niche audiences. Which brings me to…

#4 - Content Marketing Videos

People don’t go to your website to see your sales pitch. They go to see if you can solve their problem. Create videos that provide free, informational content that is valuable to your target audience. Then associate your brand as the company that can help them solve that problem.

#5 - Video In Email

Studies show that open rates double if you include video in your email. But this can get pretty costly if you’re putting out emails on a daily or even weekly basis which is why we’re seeing more and more companies hiring video production talent in-house. So, consider either setting up a small studio space at your office or find a company like Suzi Lindner Creative that provides a cost effective solution for businesses who want to create videos on a regular basis.

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Until next time -- keep it real, keep it human!

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