FAQ: Can you do Green Screen?

Q: Can you do Green Screen?
A: Technically, yes I can do green screen...but do I recommend it? No.
I get asked this question pretty frequently by new clients. And I get it -- with all the superhero and fantasy films out there, who wouldn't want to use green screen, right?
But that's not really the case in the commercial, advertising world. In most cases, people can tell when your actor is placed against a fake background -- which can often lead your viewers to think 1) you're a shady business and/or 2) you couldn't afford to film your actor in a real office. 
There are so many subtleties involved in filming green screen correctly, that doing it right costs A LOT of money! So unless you're a big Hollywood production or you plan to air your commercial during the Superbowl, why bother. You don't need green screen in order to create a compelling, effective video.
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