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Suzi | Queen Bee

Suzi grew up on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin, and pursued acting, singing, and songwriting from an early age. She moved to New York City with big dreams and aspirations, played the lead role in several off-broadway shows, but got tired of the actor rat race. Instead of waiting for her agent to get her work, or the stars to align, she teamed up with tech entrepreneur Alexander Friedman to start her own business, build her own video production studio, and bring high quality acting and video production directly to the world.

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Alex | Papa Bear

A self-taught High School drop-out, Alex has worked as a mechanic, carpenter, financial programmer, and a university AI researcher before discovering his love of entrepreneurship. Nothing makes Alex happier than empowering others to reach their potential – he currently owns an established tutoring agency in New York City, and was so impressed by Suzi’s acting and singing talent that he decided to partner with her and offer his technical and business savvy to help her build her brand and studio. In his spare time, Alex enjoys learning new skills and mentoring young entrepreneurs. | Connect


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